About Us

A Full-Service Campaign Firm

Founded in 1988, Terris, Barnes & Walters  is a full-service campaign firm, specializing  in general consulting and direct mail. Our mail philosophy is simple: we believe any campaign has a maximum of five seconds from mailbox to recycling to make a voter decide to open your mail and keep reading — and you’re competing for readers’ attention not just with other political media, but commercial appeals as well. Since 1988, we have created high-impact mail that grabs and holds voters’ attention — and has helped win over 350 successful campaigns nationwide. The bottom line: our mail is on time, on message, on target and it won’t get lost in the clutter.

The proof is in the results: our mail moves votes and our strategic guidance propels candidates and ballot measures to victory. We specialize in:

  • Winning direct mail
  • Strategic general consulting (primarily in California)
  • Candidate campaigns at every level from school board to president
  • Ballot measure campaigns
  • Independent expenditure efforts
  • Member communications for labor and non-profit organizations
  • Land use campaigns and public relations outreach

The Creative Edge

One of the hallmarks of Terris, Barnes & Walters is that Michael Terris, Barry Barnes or Erica Walters is personally involved in the concept and creation of every piece of work. The principals bring to Terris, Barnes & Walters the experience of almost two decades of creating winning campaigns. Click here to read more about Michael Terris, Barry Barnes, Erica Walters and the entire TBW team.