Case Study: Land Use

Yes on Measure I

Macerich Company (Broadway Plaza)/Neiman Marcus, City of Walnut Creek, CA

For 14 months, TBW was engaged as lead political strategist and general consultant to Macerich, spanning two city council project approvals, three referendum drives by the opposition, an initiative drive by supporters to place Measure I on the ballot, and then eventually the campaign for Measure I in November of 2009. Our firm’s job with Measure I was to prove to the very thoughtful voters of Walnut Creek that the new store would be an overall benefit to the city and their individual quality of life, even for the vast majority of voters who didn’t consider themselves to be a typical Neiman Marcus shopper.  Final vote tallies showed 71% YES vote and a voter turnout over 50% despite more than $700,000 spent in opposition by the Taubman Company (national competitors and owners of nearby shopping centers).

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