Case Study: Candidate Direct Mail

Carolyn Goodman for Mayor

Las Vegas, Nevada

Carolyn Goodman entered the race for Las Vegas mayor in a unique situation: she had never held office but had a highly distinguished career in education and community service, while her husband, Oscar, was the outgoing (in both senses of the word) mayor of 12 years. 

Oscar enjoyed enormous popularity, but their personalities are quite different, and our task was to prove to voters the Carolyn’s impressive breadth of life experience did indeed qualify her to be mayor. Appealing to the many voters who wanted more of Oscar was important, but so was ensuring that voters saw her as a leader in her own right, which she very much was. 

As we often like to do on an introductory basis, we crafted a very personal first piece for Carolyn that talked about her lifelong personality as a “doer” – from the time she was a child, she had always tackled problems head-on and gotten results. Using old pictures of her, her family, and – yes, Oscar – we were able to give voters an insight into who Carolyn was as a person. This election, like many, was more about values and personal style than issues, and we fashioned a mail program that stayed focused on these critical areas.

She went on to defeat multiple opponents in a crowded primary field and emerged victorious from the general and is now serving a successful first term as the new Mayor Goodman. 

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