Case Study: Candidate Direct Mail

Congressman John Barrow

12th Congressional District, Georgia

Never an easy district for Democrats, Georgia’s newly-redrawn 12th CD looked practically unwinnable to most pundits early in the 2012 election cycle. Despite his popularity, most observers thought Congressman John Barrow would face severe difficulties in holding the seat due to the Republican tilt of the district.

As a part of Congressman Barrow’s team since 2007, TBW worked with campaign manager Ashley Jones and the rest of the consulting team to run a race that was named by Stuart Rothenberg as the runner-up “Best Campaign of 2012.” 

Our vote-by-mail program helped push turnout up nearly 20% as compared to a demographically similar pool of voters who did not receive the vote-by-mail application. And we worked in concert with the Democratic Party of Georgia to produce a six-piece persuasion program that helped Barrow distinguish himself among new voters who had not previously voted for him. We are proud to have played a part in his eventual victory by an astonishing seven points – not bad for a candidate few thought could win at all in this very difficult district.

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