Case Study: General Consulting

Diane Dillon for Supervisor

Napa County, California

Following a surprisingly competitive primary election, TBW was asked to step in and assist Napa County Supervisor Diane Dillon's 2010 re-election. Faced with a strong runoff challenge from a "tea-party style" small business owner from the rural portion of the district, Dillon asked TBW to design and produce a direct mail campaign that would ensure the voters were informed of her many accomplishments and vision for local residents.

Our polling indicated that protecting Napa County's water resources was a strong priority for voters throughout the district. Given Supervisor Dillon's strong support for children and youth services it only made sense to design a piece that combined youth and water on the cover and then went into greater water policy detail on the inside. "Splash" one of five direct mail pieces in the campaign and a result of extensive collaboration between the client, volunteer campaign team and TBW. Supervisor Diane Dillon was re-elected in November 2010.

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