Case Study: Digital

Jim Beall for State Senate


In the 2012 campaign, Jim Beall had been an elected official in Santa Clara County for nearly three decades and had amassed an impressive list of accomplishments. However, in this newly redistricted State Senate seat, he had only represented about 40% of voters. The campaign had to introduce Beall to these new voters, while reminding his existing constituents of his strong record in an incredibly diverse district.

In a district that encompasses the heart of Silicon Valley, it was essential that Beall’s campaign develop a sophisticated online strategy to communicate with voters.

Working with the Beall campaign, TBW designed and created a dynamic website that successfully highlighted Beall’s top achievements and campaign messages, as well as engaged supporters to recruit volunteers and collect contributions. TBW was also able to supplement information communicated via traditional media by creating microsites that supported and expanded on claims in the negative mail pieces.

We also helped the campaign develop a creative online advertising campaign that efficiently maximized online voter engagement, impressions and click throughs. Through this, the campaign was able to deliver highly-targeted messages to different constituencies throughout this diverse district. For example, targeted voters in smaller towns or neighborhoods saw advertisements that specifically discussed Beall’s accomplishments for their community and active Democrats were informed about his official Democratic Party endorsement.

The targeted online messaging contributed to Beall’s double-digit victory in a race that many experts considered a toss-up.