Case Study: Ballot Measure

No on Proposition 23


When Texas oil companies spent millions of dollars qualifying Proposition 23 to protect their profits by rolling back California’s groundbreaking clean air laws, one thing was clear – defeating Prop 23 would require an all-out assault of TV, mail, grassroots organizing, social media and every other tactic imaginable.

Working with the campaign’s general consultants, Winner Mandabach Campaigns, TBW developed creative mail to reinforce the TV messaging and ensure that our targeted voters received the NO message as many times as possible. After designing more than a half dozen creative concepts, each mail piece was tested in Northern and Southern California focus groups conducted by FM3 Research. Following the analysis of the research, TBW eventually designed, edited and produced three different statewide brochures for the No on 23 campaign, including geographically-specific messages.

“Breath” was well-received by focus group participants and voters as a whole due to its focus on the negative health impacts of unmitigated air pollution, particularly on children and asthma patients. This piece was printed and mailed in two waves to 1.2 million likely-voter households across the state and was supplemented by additional mail in the final week of the campaign. Ultimately, 61% of Californians voted No on 23, resulting in a strong rebuke for the Texas oil companies and their allies.

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