Case Study: Independent Expenditure Direct Mail

Our Washington

On Behalf of Jay Inslee for Governor

TBW is proud to have played a critical role in one of the Democrats’ closest successful gubernatorial elections of 2012, helping Jay Inslee defeat Rob McKenna in Washington.

Though Washington is generally more of a “TV state” thanks to efficient media markets and a heavy reliance on Seattle television, in this election, we found through extensive research that Inslee’s poll numbers were sagging dangerously in the Portland market – one of the few areas not reachable on television in a cost effective way.

We also discovered that McKenna’s major weakness was among female voters, thanks to his heavily anti-woman track record in the Attorney General’s office and close ties to the Tea Party, which was heavily disliked by women.

We designed an 8-piece mail program targeted to women in the Portland media market that highlighted McKenna’s bad record on issues of concern to women, and shone a spotlight on his real allegiance to the extreme right-wing and Tea Party groups, all of which he was eager to hide in his quest to refashion himself as a moderate.

As in many cases, our favorite piece, “Tea,” uses humor and an extremely memorable cover (and back) graphic to convey the message almost wordlessly – for moderate Washington women, Rob McKenna is not our cup of tea. 

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