Case Study: Ballot Measure

Yes on Measures 66 and 67

Defend Oregon

TBW was instrumental in helping pass Measures 66 & 67 in Oregon in 2010. Amid concern that voters would not approve any form of tax increase during a recession, the Yes on 66 & 67 campaign proved that in fact, voters will enthusiastically support progressive changes to the tax code that benefit middle class families. "Facts" was developed to address confusion among voters, who early in the campaign expressed that they didn't know enough about the measures and wanted "just the facts" rather than "spin."

Keyed off voters own language, "Facts" uses Dragnet imagery to draw readers in, and then presents a series of concise bullet points to explain the two measures and the outcomes of passage versus failure. Both measures passed with roughly 54% voter support, and remain among the most progressive tax reform measures passed in recent history in the U.S.

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